We’re committed to helping to make your homeschool path as smooth as possible. Some of the extra resources Oak Cottage offers include:

*The Oak Cottage Collection, our annual curriculum guide containing our hymns, folksongs, memory work, copy work and dictation selections, art prints and composer selections. The Collection is included in the cost of registration.

*Monthly reading and support group. We invite you to join us as we journey through Charlotte Mason’s six volume series. These books contain over 60 years of her collected wisdom, and beautifully express her Biblically-based educational philosophy, which remained consistent throughout her life time. We also take time to discuss your homeschooling challenges, and get to know one another. If you’re interested in attending the reading group, please email us at for meeting times.

*Educational consulting. If you’re interested in learning how to align your days at home with our methods, one of our teachers provides this service. Christy has years of experience and can help you choose resources, set your structure and rhythm for the day, and also tutor your children if needed. Her rate is $20 an hour. Please contact Christy Hissong directly at