Our Programs

Our goal is to guide children toward becoming responsible for their own beautiful education using Charlotte Mason’s philosphy, with our choices for study inspired by Ambleside Online, a wonderful online curriculum used by thousands of families since its creation in 1999 (http://amblesideonline.org). Children at Oak Cottage spend time making deep connections in each subject. Through written narrations, copywork, and dictation they learn habits of careful attention, and through nature study, a wonder and appreciation for God’s creation.

Our group meets in a historic home in downtown Kingsport, and since we want to keep our group cozy and relationally-focused, space is limited.

All classes run for 30 weeks.


Our early elementary community day introduces children to the joy of learning in a group setting, with history stories, geography and map drawing, literature, nature study, music and art appreciation, and memory work. Tea time provides an opportunity to practice manners. The upper elementary class continues the same subjects at a higher level, and in addition to memory work children will have a reading assignment and dictation practice to complete outside of class.

The Upper Elementary extension day program is a second day of class for motivated learners in 3-6th grades. This year we’ll cover Plutarch, astronomy and botany, art, copy work, and a literature read aloud.

Early Elementary: Tuesdays 1-4 OR Thursday 9-12

Upper Elementary: Monday 1:40-4:30 OR Tuesday 9-12

Upper Elementary Extension: Thursday 1-4

Middle School:

Middle school at Oak Cottage opens the door to more time spent learning deeply in community. While students continue to do some subjects completely in class, they also spread their wings at home with assigned work between meeting days.

Our middle school program offers the foundation of a liberal arts education: literature and history, nature study, citizenship, Bible, art and music appreciation, Shakespeare, geography, copywork and dictation, recitation, and folksongs, hymns, poetry, and Scripture memorization.

Middle school class times are 9:30-1:30 on Monday & Wednesday.

Subjects Early Elementary Upper Elementary Middle School


Bible X X
Geography X X X
History  X X X
Century Books X X
Citizenship:  Ourselves X
Shakespeare X
Folk Songs X X X
Hymns X X X
Nature Study X X X
Poetry X X X
Music Appreciation X X X
Art Appreciation X X X
Dictation X X
Literature  X X X
Story Time X
Copywork X X
Memory Work X X X
Recitation X X X
Written Narrations X X
Tea Time X
Work to do outside of program  Memory work X X

High School:

The Oak Cottage high school program meets M/W/F. Students will be immersed in living books and vibrant discussions, offering opportunities to test their ideas and opinions in a constructive atmosphere valuable for the upper level learner.

Participating students earn the following credits:

*World history & Geography (Greek & Roman time period; includes Plutarch)

*Biology (with labs) OR Chemistry

*English (rich literature, Shakespeare, formal writing structure/organization)

*French 1 or 2  OR Debate

* Psychology (1/2 credit)

*Great Books (1/2 credit)

In addition to the credits above, high schoolers will continue to enjoy the riches of a Charlotte Mason education: art and music appreciation, recitation, dictation, and poetry, Bible study, folk song, and hymn memorization. Classes meet from 9:30-1:30 OR 11:00/3:30 on M/W/F.

Oak Cottage is delighted to partner with parents to provide a Charlotte Mason education for their children with these programs.  Although the responsibility for meeting state educational requirements rests with you, the homeschooling parent, we would be happy to aid you in structuring the rest of your week.